Delhi Doordarshan India


To build a bridge of communication with Indians living abroad and to showcase the real India, its culture, its values, its traditions, its modernity, its diversity, its unity, its agonies and ecstasies to the entire world through programmes of high quality, DD-India was launched on March 14, 1995. It is a complete India-centric channel, giving an insight into the culture and traditions of India through classical, light and film music; dance; films; news; current affairs programmes; plays and serials, etc. This round-the-clock channel is up-linked from Delhi. It reaches around 148 countries throughout the world (Annex-7)

The programme composition of DD-India is as follows - 25% Serials, 21% health and Sports, 17% News/ Current Affairs, 17% music (pop light classical), 4% children programme, 4% Business, 4% Events and Tourism, 4% Regional language programme, and 4% others.